I am the third of 6 children & am also known as ‘Ngibo’ among my peers. I grew up in Borrowdale and went to Morris and Dzivarasekwa 6 primary school then Vainona High for my Secondary. It was during the long holiday of my grade seven that I was invited to Valley Community Rugby at St John’s College and there I fell in love with the sport. The coaches there saw potential in me and I was given a scholarship at Vainona.

I see myself playing for Zimbabwe Sevens in the few years to come, but right now I am a coach at Zimbiru Rugby Academy and I play centre at Alex Sports Club, I see myself becoming a professional coach one day. I currently have a level one coaching certificate and also work as an ASRH (Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health) facilitator at Mavambo Children Vana Organisation.

6th June 1998