Strategic partnership between the Federation of Monaco rugby and Rugby Union Mauritius

Rugby Union Mauritius


A special delegation travelled with the national team to meet the Royal family and the economic authorities of Monaco.

A strategic partnership has been signed between the Rugby Union Mauritius and the Fédération of Monaco rugby as part of the game development and friendly exchanges between the two federations, including the Mauritius 2024 Olympic program.

The President of the Rugby Union Mauritius – RUM, Kevin Venkiah termed this agreement as historic and highlighted the impact of it on both federations’ development: “This is a historic and major agreement for our federation, there has been existing partnerships and relations between Monaco and Mauritius in many sectors, the implementation of a strategic partnership between our two federations will help to better structure our common development. It is the result of a relationship of trust that we have set-up together, it is the second year that we have participated in this prestigious international tournament, Monaco is an ambitious federation that shares many common vision with Mauritius.”