DieHardRugby Academy / Caleb Centre commemorate World Autism Day

Zambia Rugby Union (ZRU)

As the Global Community commemorates “World Autism Day” on Tuesday 2nd April, 2019, boys and girls from a DieHardRugby Academy in Kabwe have joined hands with the Caleb Centre for Children with Autism to do good for society.

Speaking during a recent cleaning exercise, Caleb Centre Director Nellie Tembo thanked the young girls and boys for taking time off their busy training sessions to give back to fellow young people.

“As a Centre we are encouraged by your presence, we know for a fact that not many people are aware of the impact that Autism has on affected families and society as a whole”. She further thanked the kids for their tireless efforts of cleaning the surroundings on a monthly basis.

Giving a vote of thanks, DieHardRugby Academy founder Tom Chaloba also the Caleb Centre management for opening their doors.

“When we heard about the wonderful works you are doing for society, we realized that we also needed to do our part to at least supplement your good, hence the decision to join our efforts by undertaking these monthly cleaning exercises” he said.

“We are using this partnership with the Caleb Centre for Children with Autism to educate our players (who mainly come from disadvantaged Communities) that we are all capable of doing something good for others irrespective of our own backgrounds” he concluded.