Ghana Rugby wins Rugby Africa award for “Best Communication Strategy” in Marrakech

Ghana Rugby Football Union


The Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU/Ghana Rugby) walked away with one of the awards handed out by the Rugby Africa Executive Committee, namely the award for the “Best Communication Strategy”.

The award was one of a series of awards given at the 2019 Rugby Africa General Assembly at Marrakech-Morocco on 2 March 2019.

According to Mr Herbert Mensah, President and Board Chairman of Ghana Rugby, the communication strategy of Ghana rugby is not just about press releases but about a carefully crafted strategy to put the right messages out to the right target audiences and stakeholders.

“Part of our strategy from the beginning has been to put together a sound communication strategy that ensures that what we put out is aligned with what the stakeholders want to see and hear about an organisation that is serious about delivering what it not only promises but what is expected of it,” Mensah said.

Mensah congratulated all in Ghana Rugby that forms part of the communication network including the communication team, the media that supports Ghana rugby and the people making the news – all players and Rugby bodies.

Mensah said that the accolades from the government for the positive image the Union puts out about not only Ghana Rugby but indeed about Ghana speaks for itself.

Ghana Rugby makes intensive use of social media such as Facebook (including closed and private interest Groups), Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp. Besides its website, the union also established strong relationships with the media who is at the heart of putting the messages out to the various stakeholders.

The partnership of Rugby Africa with the APO Group also ensures global reach of the messages that Ghana Rugby intentionally puts out to the world.