World Rugby


Statement from World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont ( on the ongoing discussions relating to World Rugby’s World League concept. This is in reaction to ongoing speculation and inaccurate information in the public sphere, which World Rugby cannot yet publicly address owing to the fluid and sensitive nature.

“In light of continued speculation and commentary, I am convening a meeting of Chairmen and CEOs from tier one unions, Fiji and Japan and player representatives in Dublin later this month to consider the way forward for an annual international competition.

Contrary to reports, no decisions have been made. This is an ongoing and complex process with multiple stakeholders, some with differing views. Only by working together in the interests of the global game can we achieve something truly impactful in this important area for rugby’s future global growth. I look forward to a constructive debate with my colleagues and productive outcomes.”

World Rugby will shortly be releasing a detailed outline of the model as originally proposed which gives broader context to the project.

The meeting that Sir Bill is calling is an extended joint-meeting of the World Rugby Executive Committee and Professional Game Committee, which oversees the development of this important project.

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